Monday, March 1, 2010

My Weekend Recap

WOW...It's been awhile since I have posted anything. I have been super busy here lately. Trying to get settled in at school and keep things rolling at home has been a juggle here lately. This past week has been great! Teaching seems to be getting a little bit easier each day! I am loving it though! It has been the best experience I could possibly ask for.

Friday was a busy day at school. We had a lot going on that day. My 3rd grade Student Teaching class through me a "early" suprise party! How sweet of them! I forgot to take pictures though! We also had a fundraising assembly...those are always the BEST....NOT! Cheesy salesmen trying to sell items and then reward their sellers with JUNK! haha! Friday night I went with my parents to Heather's basketball game. Josh went to a roping and was unable to go. The Longhorns played a tough team...but they WON! yippie! They advanced to Saturday night. I called it a night pretty early...around 10!

Saturday is typically my "catch up" day! I cleaned our house, did laundry, caught up on ironing, cleaned the car, and then got ready for the game. Josh came home early from his parents and got around. We left early to go have dinner, shop for shoes, and go to Lowes. We had a great time. I got two pairs of sandles. I am so ready for SPRING. We had a great dinner at Chili's, probably one of our favorites. We then headed to the game. Viola played Calico Rock at CR. CR has beat them three times. I believe the last game in which Viola played CR, we should have won! The officials were AWFUL! We just knew this game was going to be a nail biter! My parent met us there. They were anxious too! The girls didnt have their game on Saturday night. It just wasnt there night. We lost by 20. :( We were disappointed, although, they still get to advance to the State Tournment. They will play Wednesday down by Batesville. I am unable to go due to school and afterschool tutoring. I am sad! I think my parents are going to try to go and support our girl, Heather!

Sunday was an amazing day! The weather in the Ozarks has been beautiful...the temperature has been in the 50's for the last couple of days! Did I mention, I am ready for SPRING! Mallory and Kody invited us to come with them to church a few weeks ago. We went! It was SUPER! Josh and I are looking for a church home...and I think this one is GREAT! There are a lot of younger couples that attend this church and we both felt really relaxed and welcomed there. We attended church and then Sunday school afterwards. Boy o' Boy was Sunday school fun! :) After Sunday school we went and had brunch with the Thompson's. We finally got to ride in there new Yukon! It was so nice! We all four then went to Wal-Mart after brunch. Josh and I then went home. I baked brownies, did a couple loads of laundry, and then took a ciesta! I love Sunday naps! My Grandparents had my entire family over for dinner Sunday night. It was perfect...Mom, Dad, Kate, Josh, Luke, Heather, Granny, Papa, and I. It had been a long time since we have all gotten together. We then went back to my parents and Josh and I constructed a Power Point for my Mom. I had a feeling by late last night that I was getting another yucky cold...I called it a night early! Josh and I truly enjoyed our day at Church and we discussed it all afternoon! I look forward to going back next Sunday, although, Josh is going to be out of town! :(

Monday...I didnt hardly sleep a wink last night and YES my prediction was correct. I woke up stuffy and with a darn COLD! I am considering going to the DR. today and knocking this COLD out!

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Mallory said...

Good weekend and we're glad you guys enjoyed church and Sunday school. I knew you'd like it and I hope you come back!!