Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is for MELISSA!

Melissa, a blog friend is looking for a FUN summer destination before she becomes pregnant with her first baby!

Melissa, this is definitely my VOTE!

There were fruit stands EVERYWHERE...If you like fresh fruit SF is definitely.

Kate and I on the Pier in SF

The Red Woods: Meir Woods

Saucilto: An artist community near SF. There are the shops, cafes, and much much more!

An overlook of SF

Lombard Street: The curveyist street in the United States

Alcatraz: The BEST part of the SF Trip. It is a MUST see when you visit

Ghirardelli Square: We had hot fudge sundaes! I brought home chocolate for family and friends that was made right here at Ghirardelli Square

Melissa, I hope you consider a trip to San Francisco. It is one that I will take again soon!


Melissa said...

You are so sweet for posting this for me! :) It definitely looks like a fun lace, especially Ghiradelli! I love chocolate! The Redwoods and Alcatraz look cool as well! San Francisco is definitely still on our list! Thanks so much! :D

Lesli said...

I would love to go to SF. My son has been and he loved it as well! Ghiradelli sqare would be right up my alley, I LOVE all things chocolate! Let me know what you think of the Red Velvet Cheesecake, it honestly is the best!