Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life--Typical Day

Glad to be back in the routine of participating in Kelly's Show Us Your Life...I missed last week...It was a hectic and busy week. I will try to make up for it over the next few weeks.

My typical day can be pretty chaotic...Let me just fill you in.

My alarm typically goes off around 5:30 each morning. I have tried to make a habit of NOT hitting it. When I still was living at home with my parents, I am just sure I would hit it 5 times each morning. NOT a good habit to get yourself into.

I then head to my bathroom, take a 15 minute HOT shower and then do my makeup. By this time Josh is out of bed and has started my car....what a sweet husband! He has done that all WINTER! So proud of him! I then dry and then straighten my hair. After that I then get dressed, put jewelry on, do a load of laundry, and then set down for breakfast. I NEVER was a big breakfast eater until about a year ago. It is a MUST have now. I usually have yogurt, raisin toast, pancakes, and here lately I have been having CHOCOLATE donuts! mmmmm!! Not the most nutritious, but HEY, they are GOOD!

By 6:45 I go into the bedroom and kiss Josh goodbye! He gets up when I walk out the door. Neither one of us are MORNING PEOPLE! It's most of the time best if we just do our business and get going in the mornings.

At 6:50 I travel four miles to South Fork Elementary to tutor a 4th grade boy. This is a Tuesday through Friday thing. I truly been one of the BEST things for me. I have seen so much growth in this young man! He is excelling daily! I am so happy! For the past nine weeks I have been going down to Mrs. Douglas' 3rd grade classroom at 8:00 to teach Reading. This is one of my Student Teaching requirements. This experience has been WONDERFUL. I have enjoyed each and every moment I have got to spend with Mrs. Douglas as well as her students.

At 10:00 I travel into West Plains (15 miles) to my Middle School job. I usually get there at 10:15 and begin my day at MS. I run around the school collecting work from absent students, check my mailbox, check my email, make copies, fill up my coffee mug, and have a small snack. Here lately I have been having an apple with peanut butter...mmmm!

At 11:00 my first group of students come. They are 6th graders and a great group of kids! I have seen a lot of improvement over the last nine weeks. The next group of kids come at 11:45 and they are also a great, excelling group of 6th graders. They are only with me 20 minutes per day! My next group is a 7th-8th grade combination. They are my challenging and rumbustious group of kiddos. This group is pretty low developing, but I have seen improvement as well. I then have one more 7th-8th grade combination. After this group I get to eat my lunch. I usually eat at 2:00 in the teachers lounge. (My schedule is a little bit funky!) My final hour of the day begins at 2:33! There are 20 BRIGHT and exciting 5th graders! I LOVELOVELOVE this group! They are so eager to learn and be in my classroom, and I thrive for that.

At 3:30 my teaching day ends. I then begin after school tutoring with three students. They are with me from 3:30 to 4:30 Monday through Thursday! I truly LOVE this aspect of my job as well. I have seen so much improvement with these three girls! I typically help them with Communication Arts homework and sometimes Math.

Usually by 4:45 I leave school, unless I have copies that need to be made or work that needs to be taken care of at school. I then run errands and head home. When I get home I do laundry, pick up the house, and begin thinking of WHAT to do for dinner.

I am NOT much of a cook. I do NOT enjoy it at all. Usually, if we eat at home, Josh helps me. I appreciate that. Most of the time we cook something easy, go out to eat, or go to my parents (right next door). We then either watch T.V or I get on the computer. I am usually in bed by 8:00 each evening. I am worn OUT by all the running around I do each day! Josh usually comes to bed and we talk about our day...or whatever is on our minds and then he watches T.V. until late. Not quite sure when he comes to bed....

I then catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's and get back up and do it all over again! That is my typical day!


Summer said...

Wow what a hectic but very scheduled and planned out day! Love your classroom!
Have a Happy Friday
Summer :0)

Brandie said...

Hi! I am a fifthgrade teacher and loved reading about your day. You've got such beautiful pictures on your blog. I enjoyed the visit!

Gauger Family said...

I'm a teacher too so I know how crazy things are! I teach Special Ed. Love your blog header, such great pictures!

Christa said...

Just found your blog through Kelly's Korner...I'm graduating in December with a degree in Education from Texas A&M. I always love finding other bloggers who are teachers too!