Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heather's Senior Night

Friday night Josh and I as well as my family went to Viola to watch Heather play basketball. This was their "Senior Night" as well as the last regular season home game. We were going to root on the Longhorns!

Kate and Heather last Tuesday played in the snow...Heather got hot and then cold...and Wednesday morning woke up with pneumonia. She has had to take several breathing treatments and has received several shots as well. She was been miserable.

She was determined to play her heart out though during this game. They were playing a rival, Mammoth Spring Bears. She told us that she was going to play regardless of how she felt...kind of silly I know. She is such a "go getter" and tough girl! She got to play quite a bit, considering her health situation. The coach would pull her out and she would sitting...her back would be pounding. She was struggling for each breath she took. I was really worried. The Longhorn's won the game! I was real happy for the girls! Heather said she felt really tired and weak afterwards!

After the game the senior girl basketball players, senior boys basketball players, and senior band members and their parents were recognized. This was a very emotional time for Heather. She mother passed away when she was young in a car accident, and her father has never been a part of her life. She was taken in by a Viola family and lived with them for quite some time this past summer she left them and joined another Viola family. She is extremely happy where she is now. I am also happy for her. This was epically an emotional time for Heather, being recognized with the Burden family and them announcing her mother. There was not one dry eye in the place. We LOVE Heather and would do anything on this planet for her! I really hope one day soon she becomes a part of our family.

Heather being recognized with the Burden's

Kate and Heather

Kate, Heather, and I

Heather and the Burden's

Heather and Luke

My parents with Heather

As of today, she is feeling a lot better. Keep her in your prayers for a quick and healthy recovery!


Summer said...

You got it girly!! Heather is in my prayers for a quick and healthy recovery! What a trooper to play even being that sick!! I love the family pics and you look too cute!!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day
Summer :0)

Ashley said...

Praying for good health, soon! Thanks for sharing! :)

Summer said...

Thanks for your sweet comments girl! That is sooo great that you remember the mickey mouse shaped pancakes....I hope Kelcee remembers all of this when she is older.....but if she doesn't I have video to remind her LOL....I take video and pics of EVERYTHING

Have a great day
Summer :0)

Lesli said...

Wow, now that is dedication to play when you are feeling soo bad. I am definitely praying for a quick recovery! I love your pictures, they all turned out so well! Hope you are having a great week! I thought for sure I was a follower, but I am now!!

Mallory said...

For some reason I missed this post! Whoops! What a great night in Viola and good luck to them as they play Districts tonight. Go Longhorns!