Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is HERE!!!

Happy Spring! I don't know about the rest of ya'll, but I am so happy SPRING is finally here.

This is my favorite season...I love to see the flowers blooming, tree's budding, EASTER, birds chirping, grass turning green, and the beginning of summertime BBQ's.

I got home Friday afternoon from school to find a nice and sincere gift from Josh's mom, Gayla. She picked this beautiful beautiful bouquet of Easter Lillies for Josh and I. It was accompiaded by a nice card; saying HAPPY SPRING!! This was a nice way to kick our weekend off!

Friday evening Josh and I met the Thompson's at El Charro for dinner. We then headed back to parents house, they were babysitting one of my favorite babies...Addison while her parents went a date! Addison is my parents "so-called" grandchild. We call ourselves Addison's West Plains family! It was a fun evening we played our hearts out until 11:00 p.m. That baby was pooped out! :)

Saturday Mom and I kicked our morning off with a two mile walk. Afterwards I came home to do laundry, clean, make rice crispy treats for the Thompson's, and then took a afternoon nap. Josh went to the Thompson's to help Kody with some burning. They had a great afternoon. We all then met at TJ's for a late dinner.

Today we attended church for the fourth Sunday in a row. I am so proud of ourselves. We are truly loving attending the First United Methodist Church. We did not go out for lunch today because Josh is helping my brother with cattle this afternoon. I am catching up on lesson plans, blogging, and then taking another NAP! I have been so sleepy here lately and this rainy and nasty weather is calling for a NAP. Happy Sunday to all!


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