Friday, March 19, 2010

Show Us Your Life--Cleaning Tips

I do have to admit…I am a CLEAN FREAK! I believe there are days I do believe I have OCD when it comes to cleaning! I clean our house from top to bottom every single week.

One thing that I cannot stand to do is dust. It is my least favorite (not that any of it is the greatest). We have wooden faux blinds throughout our house and they collect dust like no other…They really irritate me when it comes to cleaning them. I usually just clean them once a month. I put an old sock on my hand, spray some Pledge, and go to wiping each and every blind.

One of my favorite tips to share is…I have the hardest time cleaning mirrors and windows without streaking them. My Mama shared this tip with me: Wet a tea towel with warm water and pour about a cup of ammonia over the tea towel, ring it out, and begin cleaning your mirror and window. I then wipe the wet consistency off with a paper towel, and wa lah…NO STREAKS!

I also use bleach while cleaning…and I know one day with children I will be using even more! I wipe our countertops down with a soapy bleach rag! I just feel better knowing that the bleach is KILLING all the unwanted germs!

What are your cleaning tips?


Mallory said...

Wish I could be as clean as you!

Ashley Hamby said...

It's probably not the BEST quality! I am OCD for sure when it comes to cleaning! Can you imagine how wild I am going to be preparing for Easter lunch next weekend...WOW!