Monday, August 1, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

My birthday was this past Friday; July 29th. It was my last day at Missouri S&T's SEQL workshop. I was beyond ready to be home. After late nights, early mornings, long meetings, a dorm fire, the hard dorm beds and eating out! (Yes, eating out got SO old...I was ready for some good ole' home cooking!) Right before the instructors let us loose my dear teacher friends, the "Amy's" sent me the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It was so sweet and special. Friday evening Josh met me at my classroom to unload a bunch of supplies and materials that I got at the workshop. Afterwards we met our dear friends; the Thompson's at El Charro (one of our favorites). The service was terrible that night, but we finally ate and sat and visited for awhile. Mallory made me the most unique school wreath for my classroom door! (I will most pictures soon!) I was exhausted so we headed home around 9:00-9:30ish. We got home and unloaded my car and I began laundry! YIKES! Being gone 2 weeks isnt good on your washing machine! ha! We got to bed at a good hour!

Saturday morning I woke up pretty early and began playing catch-up! I went into town and ran a bunch of errands, washed vehicles, grocery shopped, etc. It took most of the day! Josh and I began getting around to head to Gastons. Gastons is a Trout Fishing Resort in Lakeview, Arkansas and it is SO good. We always go for special events! We had a delicious meal and then took a scenic route home!

Sunday we went and visited Josh's family. They have been working away for several months and it was great to see them. Drake has gotten so BIG and full of life. He is at the stage where he is a lot of fun! Sunday afternoon I fixed my kids their first day goodie bags...(more to come on that in another post), did more laundry and went to Mom and Dads. They have also been gone for a week to a softball tournment. It was great to catch up and see them! We also had my birthday dinner with them and both sets of grandparents. My home made a wonderful meal.

I began today bright and early! I had more errands and chores to get done today! I am preparing for my friend; Kassi's baby boy shower that is going to be at the end of this month. I also got to work in my classroom a little more...and I got it FINISHED! Horray! It feels so good. (I will tell you more later) Tonight we are going down to Josh's aunt and uncles for a dinner.

It was a great birthday weekend!