Friday, December 4, 2009

Trip to Paradise

Josh and I at Couples Sweptaway Negril

Our seven day trip to paradise…JAMAICA!

Our honeymoon began on June 1, 2009 we began the day by waking up in our new house and then travelling to St. Louis early that morning. We stopped in Rolla and ate at our favorite, Panera Bread Company. It’s a tradition. We take a pit stop at Panera in Rolla each trip to St. Louis. After a short lunch we were on the road again to St. Louis. In the car on the way we reminisced about our wedding, I took a short nap (geez …planning and conducting a wedding takes it out of YOU) and called family and friends one last time before we arrived to the air port. We arrived to Lambert International Airport, checked our luggage in and shortly boarded the air plane for JAMAICA.

Once we boarded the air plane we begin reading magazines, books, and talking about how anxious we were to arrive in JAMAICA!! We were so excited. Once we arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica we went through security, had our passports checked, drank some delicious champagne, and awaited the arrival of our shuttle bus to Negril. The shuttle ride to Negril was approximately one hour long. It felt like the longest hour of my entire life. Horrible, Horrible driving. Holy Cow. I thought we were going to be car sick. The driver was dodging goats, crazy Toyota and Nissan cars, and drug dealers. It was quite the experience.

Crazy Drivers.....

We safely arrived to Couples Sweptaway in Negril after dark. Service men and woman whom work at the resort met us at the shuttle and gave us ice cold clothes to wash our face and champagne (wow—hospitality: that was the story behind our entire trip). We soon checked into our room and were amazed by the beauty of the resort. We then went to the Palms “Buffet Style” for dinner. All the food at the resort was wonderful, but different. We tried all types of foods while we were in Jamaica. It was great!

Parasailing in Jamaica

Activities that we participated in during our honeymoon was; parasailing, horseback riding, getting couples massages, catamaran cruise, snorkeling, weight boarding, resting, and eating! It was a great trip. We met amazing people and seen amazing scenery. We were so sad to come back home to everyday life, but we were ready to begin our life as husband and wife.

This is where I took lots of naps!


Mallory said...

Were you awake for any of the honeymoon? lol!!

Ashley Hamby said...

Barely, planning a wedding sure takes it out of ya!!