Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just For FUN!

Maybe I should –begin thinking of a New Year’s resolution (maybe…cooking more for my husband? We’ll see??)

I love the smell of – Pledge, Sensual Amber from Bath and Body Works, a roast cooking in the crock pot (can you tell I am hungry?)

People would say that I—I am an outgoing person, who likes to have fun!

When I wake up in the morning -I get up take a shower, blow dry hair, put make-up on, straighten hair, get dressed, eat breakfast, kiss Josh good bye…and off I go! (It’s pretty chaotic at our house in the morning)

I lost my willpower to – Go out of my way for people who wouldn’t do the same for me.
My past made me- A stronger person with more willpower!

Dogs are-not my favorite thing in the world. I am not an animal LOVER. I am the girl who will NEVER EVER have an animal inside our home, maybe one day an outside dog?

Cats are-The nastiest, sickest, fuzz ball thing EVER! YUCK!

Tomorrow is-going to be a great day…going to do some shopping in Mountain Home then work with my kids at school in the afternoon. Maybe dinner with our BFF Rose’s?

I have low tolerance for –People who don’t put out any effort, parents who do not support (as in love, care, and keep them safe and healthy) their children, and whiney teachers… (Remember, you choose this profession)

Never in my life have I – got to say, WHEWW… I made it… College is OVER, May 15th I will get to say it! Woo Hoo!

High school was- A lot of fun! Full of LOTS of memories that I will cherish forever!

One time at a family gathering- (LOL…is all I need to say). Better not publish this on my blog.

Take my advice-Life happens while you're busy making plans! (Thanks Mallory, I really liked this)

I'm almost always-thinking about what is going to happen next, where my life, our families’ lives, and our friends lives are going to take us next. Life is GREAT!


Mallory said...

I need to know about this family gathering! l]][/dfj;kalj......Bo does too, that was him. He likes to type while I am on the internet. :)

Ashley Hamby said...

I will be sure to fill ya in! It was too funny! It involved my Dad's side of the family!!