Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our First Christmas

What a great FIRST Christmas! I cannot put into words how special it was for both Josh and I. We began our holiday festivities by going to Josh’s parent’s house for a

We began our holiday festivities by going to Josh’s parent’s house for a pre Christmas party. They invited close family and friends and we had delicious snacks and played games. Josh’s mom is a great cook. She made her famous meat balls, pasta salad, cream cheese croissant rolls, little smokies wrapped in a croissant, key lime cheese ball, Josh’s favorite Crispix, and much much more. Josh and I brought my homemade Chex Mix (Mallory’s recipe) and cheesy bacon dip. We brought our close friends, Mallory and Kody Thompson to the party. We played a fun game in which several of us have never played; Apples to Apples. It was a lot of fun.

Josh and I at his parents Pre-Christmas Party

Mallory and I at the Party

The Hostess, Gayla and I

Christmas Eve: We have always, since my siblings and I were young kids, have celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. Santa always came the night of December 23rd! It was a tradition my parents started many years ago, they did that so we as a family could spend a day together at our home and play with our toys for as long as possible. We celebrated again this year on Christmas Eve morning with my family. Josh and I went over to my parent’s home that morning. My mom prepared a delicious breakfast; biscuits, gravy, bacon, deer meat, hashbrowns, fresh fruit, and eggs. It was amazing! After breakfast we began to exchange our gifts. My parents got Josh and I a gift in which we will never forget; a Canon Rebel Camera. Something we will cherish for a lifetime! Josh received clothes, DVD’s, socks, CD’s, and much more. I received clothes, teacher books, children’s books, jewelry, a purse, and much more! It was a great Christmas with my parents.

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

The Tyree Christmas Tree

My Stocking Gifts from Mom and Dad

Our gift from my parents; Canon Rebel Camera!!

Calico Rock to visit Josh’s Grandmother Hamby. We took her a gift; a wedding portrait of Josh and I. She was very proud of the picture. We wrapped up Christmas Eve by placing homemade sugar cookies and a RED STRIPE beer out for Santa. We went to bed before too late. We were anxiously awaiting our FIRST Christmas morning.

Josh and I with his Grandma Hamby

rning by waking up at our home! That was something that both, Josh and I wanted to make our tradition. We first opened our stocking gifts. Josh got me some amazing stocking gifts: At Home Market gift card, candy, and gloves. Josh got a hot shot, candy, socks, RED STRIPE beer in his stocking. We then began opening our gifts from one another. Josh went above and beyond this Christmas he got me several items in which I will be able to use in my classroom, clothes, and enamel cookware. I was so surprised and so happy!

Cookies and Red Stripe for Santa

Christmas Morning

Josh’s parent’s home. Santa had come to visit us there too! His parents, sister, brother-in-law, and our nephew were anxiously awaiting us! We began the morning by filling our coffee cups! (Mmmm…Josh has introduced me to my new favorite thing: Hot Coco and Coffee mixed together!) Drake began opening his stocking gifts as well as his gifts from Santa, Mommy and Daddy, Mammy, Papa, Uncle Josh, and Aunt Ashley! It was so much fun watching him open! He LOVED it!! We then began opening our stockings! Those were the neatest and most unique gifts! Josh’s mom put a lot of thought into our gifts! We then opened our gifts and passed out gifts to Josh’s family. We had a great exchange. After opening we then prepared breakfast. :)

Drake riding his tire horse from his Aunt Ashley and Uncle Josh

Josh and I Christmas morning at his parents home

My stocking at Josh's parents home

We had to leave Josh’s parents before noon and travel back to South Fork to join my TYREE family. We had lunch and opened a few small gifts. At 3:00 we rejoined Josh’s family (his parents, siblings, Grandmother, and Aunt and Uncle) to have a late lunch and gift exchange.

Our Annual Christmas picture at Josh's Grandma Perryman's

The Hamby and Wise Families

Courtney and I

We then rejoined my family to celebrate with my mother’s parents and brother. It was a great end to a wonderful day. We were so exhausted by nightfall. We had five Christmas celebrations in one day! WOW!! It was a lot of fun and worked out perfectly. I was real worried that all these celebrations would conflict and our families would be disappointed in the rush, but it worked out surprisingly well. We
are so blessed and have such great families. We could NOT ask for anything more!

The Day After Christmas: Today we celebrated Christmas with my Aunt Terri, Alan, and Bryce. My mother fixed another delicious breakfast; cinnamon rolls, bacon, breakfast casserole, hash browns, and fresh fruit. We exchanged gifts and visited. Afterwards I began tearing our Christmas decorations down. It was depressing. I LOVED our decorations and hated to see them go, but it was time. Everything looks so bare! Tonight we celebrated with my Dad’s side of the family. This made our 10th celebration! It was a great evening, but didn’t end very well….Josh has the stomach flu. He hasn’t felt very well most of the day and by nightfall he was not good at all. I have gave him some anti-nausea medications, 7-Up, and been spraying the Lysol like it’s going out of style!!! We do NOT have time for any sickness!!!! My siblings have had it this week as well I am sure it’s a bug that’s going around our neighborhood…blahh!! I pray for him to become well…We have two more Christmas’ to go. That would make a total of 12!! WOW!!

My parents celebrating Christmas with the Harrill Family

The Harrill's got me a giftcard to the Teachers Store

What a great end to a wonderful holiday season! This has been by far the BEST Christmas. I look forward to spending many, many more happy Christmas’ with my wonderful husband, our families, and our friends!

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Mallory said...

Stomach flu, oh no! That sucks...stay well and don't get it. Erica had it today...loved your post and all your pics. Drake made me laugh, he looks asleep in the picture with his horse.