Thursday, May 6, 2010

Show Us Your Life--Baby Names

I am back in the BLOG world! I am definitely taking time this weekend to update you on whats been going on in the Hamby House!!

Baby Names: This is something that I have thought long and hard about since I was a tiny girl!! Don't we all dream about the names of our future children!

BOY: Josh and I have some what agreed that our first son will be named; JACK. I have worked with the most fun and outgoing gentleman named; Jack for almost six years. Other than my own father, he was my go to man! He has always been there for Josh and I. A possible middle name; Dane (Josh's middle name).

For a middle name...the first born, regardless of boy or girl it will be TYREE. My maiden name. I love family names and names with MEANING!!! I totally dislike the fact that people name their children random names that have NO symbolic meaning! But hey, its their kid!

GIRL: I have two favorites!...Caroline and/or Madelyn. I have loved Caroline forever! It reminds me of a down home country girl who also has a little prissy side too! Her middle name would be Kate (after my sister) or Tyree (if she were the first born). Our other favorite is Madelyn (Josh's grandmother's name) and plus, I just like the name. Once again it is old fashion and there are not too many Madelyn's out there!! Same as Caroline her middle name would either be: Kate or Tyree.

Those are my favorites! I am anxious to read yours!!


Mallory said...

I like how you said you and Josh some what agreed. HA, that's how it is here...

Melissa said...

We have the same choice for a boy name! His full name would be Jackson, but we'd call him Jack! I love your girl name choices! Ours is Lily.

Ashley said...

i LOVE your girl names- they are some of my favorites too!