Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation Festivities!!

WOW...What a terrific weekend! I could not have asked for things to be any better! I am so thankful for all of my great family and friends who helped me make this weekend so special!

The weather was rainy all weekend, but that did not put a damper on any of our celebrating! Friday morning I got a pedicure! It was fantastic and so relaxing. I also had graduation practice in the afternoon. After practice I went with my Mama to pick up dinner for my party that evening. We got BLU PIG BBQ! One of Josh and myself favorites! We also went to one of my favorite stores in Mountain Home; Robins Nest. It is a unique store for new wives and new mothers! My Mom got a baby gift for some family friends. We then came home and began getting dinner ready for our guests. At 6:00 guests began arriving. All of my close family and friends were there to help celebrate this event.

I got a delicious surprise from the Uphaus' and my parents...a SHARON FOX cake!! yummm!!

I also got some unique gifts. I got the "celebrate" Willow Tree from the Thompsons, Money from my Grandparents, the Uphaus', the Guffey's, the Hamby's, Vera Bradley stationary from Brian and Lacey, and a monogrammed bracelet from my parents. On one side it said: (AHT and the other side read: BS EDU 5-15-2010) I LOVE it! This is definitely something that I will cherish and have forever!! I had an amazing time visiting with everyone! It was a fun time!

Graduation Day: Saturday morning Josh and I awoke really early. I was so anxious! We went on to the Civic Center and took pictures. Josh got some great seats for family.They were real close to where I was sitting!! The ceremony was great! It went by really fast actually. Sometimes things like this takes forever, but it went fast!! It was one of the best things I have ever felt walking across the stage receiving my diploma. I could feel a HUGE sigh of relief from myself, my parents, and Josh! I was so happy!! After graduation I was greeted by friends and family! It was joyous occasion for sure.

After Graduation Josh and I went back to my parents and grabbed a bite of lunch (leftovers...and they were just as divine as they were the evening before!!!) Josh left after lunch and went to work on the farm. Mom and I went to one of my second favorite stores; The Grapevine in Ash Flat. They carry Vera Bradley, home decor, and every type of candle you can imagine. I didn't purchase anything...Mom got a cute purse! We ran around Ash Flat and then came home to get ready for the Guffey/Wray wedding!

Guffey/Wray Wedding: I had prayed all week for their to be nice weather for their wedding on Saturday evening. It poured rain ALL DAY Saturday and at 3:00 it STOPPED!! Horray! Answered Prayers! The rain cleared off and the weather was PERFECT for their ceremony! It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. They used a lot of our decorations from our wedding and it looked great! Melinda was a beautiful bride! Her dress was gorgeous! The fit of her dress reminded me a lot of my own. We celebrated the new marriage into the dark hours of the night! We had a great time and I wish them both a lifetime of Happiness!!

Congratulations Melinda and Charlie!

Sunday was a day of rest for ME! I don't think I have slept that long in ages! We decided not to go to church, I was exhausted. I woke up at 11:00 and then took two naps yesterday afternoon, plus went to bed at 9:00!! I feel like a new lady today! The festivities all weekend wore me out!!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

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Ashley said...

what a busy weekend! glad you were able to rest yesterday! :)