Saturday, January 9, 2010


I wish... List! Thanks to my new blogging friend; Ashley!!:)

I wish….I wasn’t so anal about cleaning!!

I wish….I was half the cook my mother is.

I wish... I had the energy to exercise daily.

I wish... I wasn’t such an ultra-planner. I think Mallory can sympathize with me here!

I wish... my hubby was home with me more!

I wish… this SNOW would go away…so we can go to school!

I wish... I had a car with a nice paint job! :)

I wish… I could have a Sonic SODA!!!! (New Year’s Resolution: NO SODA)

I wish… I could go on a sunny vacation soon!! (Can you tell I am SICK of SNOW?)

Thanks Ashley for sharing such a neat blog idea!!

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