Saturday, January 23, 2010

Show Us Your Town--Where Do You Shop?

WOO HOO! This is officially my very first SHOW US YOUR LIFE blog post. I have enjoyed reading Kelly's Korner over the last few months and I have now pledged to begin doing SHOW US YOUR LIFE!! Here we go...
I live in West Plains, Missouri, a small country town with a population around 13,000. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places to shop in my town.

We do have a JCPenney, Stage, a shoe store, and a few home d├ęcor stores. I especially LOVE to shop at; At Home Market. At Home Market has a lot of great gift items, Yellow Box shoes, Vera Bradley, dishes, etc. Vera Bradley is definitely my weakness. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Josh decked me out with VB for Christmas. My entire classroom is VB!!! Josh and I also registered at At Home Market and got a lot of great gifts from there store.

At Home Market

Santa even knew how much I LOVED Vera Bradley!!

My new VB Hipster, from Josh's parents

One of my all time favorite places to shop is, GAP. I am a pretty tall gal, and finding jeans when I was a youngster, and still today is extremely difficult. My mother and I would drive to Springfield (about two hours north of WP) and get jeans. That was the ONLY place that I could find jeans long enough. I love their clothes. They last FOREVER, and look nice for years! I am still wearing GAP clothes in which I bought years ago.

My favorite clothing store these days is; Banana Republic. I can find great, dressy and classy clothes in which I LOVE at BR. In Branson, MO, they have a BR Outlet store. I always find great things for great prices at Banana Republic when I shop in Branson.


Summer said...

Hi over from Kelly's!! Your blog is super cute by the way! I am from WV sooo I have that problem with not too many places to um shop around here so I shop ONLINE alot or when I travel hit malls and outlets....I love Banana Republic and the Gap....

Vera Bradley was recently introduced to me and well I am loving it.... I am getting a Hipster purse for my B-Day in February....

Hope you have a great weekend :0)

I also am loving Pandora....My hubby bought me a necklace for mother's day and Santa brought me charms :0)

Mallory said...

We do love our VERA!!!!!!! And I wish I were a tall gal! ;)

Ashley said...

oh girl, I totally feel your frustration with pants not being long enough. I am forever a "tall" in pants, not because I'm super tall (I am 5'8") but because my legs are so long and I have no torso! I'll have to check out gap; I haven't been there in a while. Thanks for sharing! :)

Ashley Hamby said...

Summer, Its great to hear from you! You will LOVE your hipster. They are so handy and organized!! Share with me what you think of your hipster!!

Mallory, YES...we do LOVE our Vera!!

Ashley, I also have had some luck at Banana Republic. I always have to get LONG or TALL! Its frustrating, but hey...horray for LONG LEGS!!

Lesli said...

Hi there,
I found your blog through Kelly's Korner.. I love all of your Vera.. I am a huge Vera fan as well. For Christmas my Husband bought me the brown and pink (can't think of the design) bowler bag.. I love it, with two kiddo's, there is plenty of room to throw a bunch of junk in also love shopping at the Gap, Banana has very cute and classy clothes, I wish we had one in my area!

You have such a cute blog, I love your header!!

Ashley Hamby said...

Lesli, Thank You so much for my BLOG out! I will become a follower of you! I am proud to see that someone else is a Vera fan! My husband thinks I am nuts over Vera, and I agree with him! haha! There bags and purses are made in such an organized way. Espically for moms and wives!

Thanks, I created my header on! Check it out!