Monday, January 4, 2010

So, here are the rules:
Fill out the questions below, using only one word. Then pass this award along to a few of your favorite bloggers, and tell 'em you did so! Have fun. :)

1. Where is your cell phone? next to me

2. Your hair? flat and ready for bed hair

3. Your mother? WONDERFUL, just ate her good ole' country cooking!

4. Your father? GREAT, hard working man, hauling wood in these 10 degree temps!

5. Your favorite food? anything mexican

6. Your dream last night? dont think I dreamed...

7. Your favorite drink? Coca Cola, but I have not had any soda in two months!! Yay for me!!

8. Your dream/goal? To be a successful teacher who kids look up to and learn from!

9. What room are you in? kitchen

10. Your hobby? scrapbooking or card making

11. Your fear? death of a loved one

12. Where do you want to be in six years? Working hard as a Elementary Principal, and having a child.

13. Where were you last night? At my Mom and Dads...then home

14. Something that you aren't? a parent!

15. Muffins? Triple Berry or Blueberry

16. Wish list item? A new car (new to me atleast)

17. Where did you grow up? Right next door to our home: South Fork, Missouri

18. Last thing you did? ate supper

19. What are you wearing? Gap sweatpants and a San Francisco sweatshirt...

20. Your TV? off

21. Your pets? None

22. Friends? Great!

23. Your life? busy but wonderful!

24. Your mood? good, but tired

25. Missing someone? Yes, Josh!

26. Vehicle? Volkswagen Beetle

27. Something you're not wearing? my wedding ring!

28. Your favorite store? Banana Republic

29. Your favorite color? green

30. When was the last time you laughed? not sure, but I laugh often

31. Last time you cried? hmmmm not real sure...

32. Your best friend? Josh

33. One place that I could go over and over? Couples Sweptaway: Negril, Jamaica!!

34. One person who emails you regularly? Mallory, sometimes.

35. Favorite place to eat? My parents!!

And the next lucky winners are...


Cory and Mallory

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Mallory said...

I'm on it...should I follow the rules and do just one word? HA!

Ashley Hamby said...

Oh No! Mrs. School teacher here, didnt even read the directions!! LOL!

Ashley said...

yay! thanks girl! :)