Saturday, July 16, 2011 the Hamby House the Hamby House we have been tremendously busy busy bees! Once Summer School was over I had a HUGE to-do-list for Josh and I. There are just some things that must wait for Summer break! Prepare yourself for a long post!

We attended a beautiful and fun wedding on July 2nd. My dear friend; Mary Louise married her long time sweetie; John. I do receive a little credit for hooking these too love birds up! Mary Louise and I went together to a Thayer party one night, the night she first met John. They were youngsters, and their romance didn't blossom right off the bat, but HEY! I helped introduce them from the get go! I got to see some great friends who live in different areas, it was great catching up with them! The wedding was perfect. It was hot, but what did we expect with the wedding being July 2nd!

Also that same weekend Josh and I hung and painted two new interior doors in our home to match the rest. We also put up four new light fixtures! We had 1920's ceiling fans in each room, they had to go! We are very happy with the way they look! I also cleaned out cabinets, washed down our cabinets, cleaned our closets (for our upcoming yard sale) and touched up some interior paint that had been scuffed up! It was definitely a productive weekend at our house!

Monday night we went to our friends; The Gleghorns for a bbq and fireworks. Josh and Chad grilled burgers and squash on the grill. Kendra and I prepared some yummy dishes inside! She made the BEST lemonade I have ever had in my life. It was freshly squeezed and so sweet! mmm! She even served it in mason jars! We also celebrated by birthday with them that night too. I got a cute Vera Bradley frill wallet. We had some other friends join us for fireworks. We had quite the show! I love sparklers...they have always been my favorite firework.

I attended a two day Whole Brain Teaching workshop at our school. There were 450 people representing many states; Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Florida and many more. There was a group of teachers from London, England and Ontario, Canada there also. I learned a lot of great instructional strategies to use this year! I think it will make my classroom run so much smoother! :)

My good friend; Tiffanie and her husband Seth (my assistant principal at school) had their sweet baby girl; Roxie Paige on Friday July 8th! I got to meet her last Saturday! Such a sweet girl with LOTS of hair!

I also got to work in my classroom for many hours over the past couple of weeks. My goal was to have it done before I leave for the workshop....and I MADE IT! yay! Its done and ready for August 18th to arrive!

Josh left two weeks ago to work a hail and wind storm in St.Paul Minnesota so I have been spending a lot of much needed time with my sweet Mom. She is someone who I never get tired of, I could be with her each and every day and be as happy as a lark! She is one hardworking gal too. She helped me stain our back porch in 100 degree temps. It has never had a drop of stain on it, so you can imagine how much time and stain it took to cover it. all I have to say. But it looks fantastic. We also stained our picnic table that my Grandpa made us when we got engaged! It looks great! Mom and I also made three new curtains for my classroom. (I will post a picture soon) We joke around and say we are going to make new ones each far that is how its been. I am really happy with these so, it will be awhile before I have her make new.

Mom and I also went to a nearby Lowes twice this week...I purchased two new bi-fold closet doors and a new ceiling fan to be installed by our handyman; Tom this upcoming week. My Mom and Dad are also doing lots of renovating in their home. They are getting new concrete counter tops, new appliances, new back splash, light fixtures, door knobs, etc. I am so happy for them! The counter tops are going to look amazing! I just love projects!

I am now preparing for a two week workshop at Missouri S&T. It is a Math and Science workshop. Two local teachers and myself are going to attend. I am excited to learn new things!