Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thesis is DONE!

I began working on my Masters degree in February. I am getting my degree in Elementary Administration with hopes to be an administrator one day! It is going great. Its been a wonderful experience taking classes with some of my co-teachers in our school district. We are learning great things from our instructors as well as each other! I have completed 12 hours thus far. Several more hours to go...but I have the MAIN project DONE! Yes, I said DONE! Writing my thesis is something that I have dreaded doing for quite sometime. I began working on it in April and finished it this week!

My thesis is about how organized classroom structure does impact a students learning. I compared a self-contained 5th grade classroom to a departmentalized 5th grade classroom and found that departmentalized classrooms are the best choice for 5th grade students. I compared our; departmentalized 2010 MAP scores to a comparable school district in the state that is self-contained in the 5th grade and found that ours was much higher. Just exactly what I wanted to prove! :)

Summer school is almost over, my thesis is DONE and now its time to relax! Let my Summer vacation begin!


Mallory said...

That's great!

Jessica said...

Congratulations on finishing your thesis! What an incredible feeling that must be!