Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Bundle of JOY!

Last night we got to babysit my favorite girl, Miss. Addison! It is always a family affair when she comes to stay. My 22 year old brother even stays home when she comes to visit! (holy cow!) My Mama made a delicious supper and we all ate together. I got to help feed Addison. She had chicken, hominy, new potatoes, and pinto beans! She also had a banana for dessert! We played outside with my parents dog, went on a 4-wheeler ride, jumped on my parents bed, sang songs, watched tv, and even took a cat nap!

Here are a few photos we snapped of her out in the yard!!

Such a doll!!

She was pointing at Lilly the dog and saying d-o-g!

She LOVES Josh! She cried for him while I was changing her diaper! :)


Ashley said...

love, love, lOVE that red hair! :)

Mallory said...